Dear Friend,

It is the 6 month mark of Republican control in the House of Representatives, and their track record is astounding:

- Tax breaks for big oil and millionaires and billionaires

- Affordable health care insurance for themselves and their families, but a vote to repeal health insurance reform for hard-working Americans  

- A plan to end Medicare for future retirees

- Cuts to education spending

- Attacks on women’s right to choose and access to family planning.

The list goes on, but one thing is clear: Republicans’ #1 priority is partisan politics, not America’s middle class.

Help me show Republicans that we are fed-up with their partisan agenda, and we still care about supporting everyday, hard-working Americans.

Our country is facing tough economic times.  Our focus should be on creating jobs and stimulating our economy. Yet, almost 180 days into this Congress and the Republicans have not addressed these needs.

I've been leading the fight in Congress to hold Republicans accountable for their partisan agenda. Earlier this year, I called for Republicans to forgo their own taxpayer subsidized health care if they support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Months later I expressed my outrage by standing speechless in front of House Republicans at their lack of a single job creating bill.

I can't continue to do it alone – I need your help. With the June 30th critical fundraising deadline only hours away, will you please consider making a $25, 50 or 100 donation to my campaign?

There is no doubt that Republicans will be receiving bundles of cash from special interest groups from around the country. Already, we've seen Karl Rove’s Super-PAC contribute millions of dollars to attack Democrats. The Koch brothers, and other billionaires, have their checkbook open and are writing checks to the most conservative of Republicans. And just this week, Speaker Boehner pledged $1 million of his own funds to ensure Republican’s keep the majority in the House.

That's why contributions from grassroots donors are so important, especially with the critical deadline right around the corner. Help me show Speaker Boehner that unlike the radical right, we can raise funds from everyday people, and not rely on millionaires and special interest groups to fund our efforts.

Any help you could give would be appreciated.

Thanks for all your support.



Congressman Joe Crowley

P.S. In order to continue our fight against the radical Republican agenda, I need your help. Please contribute today to help me spread my positive message about creating jobs and protecting working families!


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